Two Inlets Resort featured in Midwest Living Magazine

Our guests have known it for years, and now the secret is out!

Midwest Living magazine recently selected Two Inlets Resort from over 950 Minnesota resorts for an 8-page feature article! We were selected because our resort represents "the quintessential Midwest beach resort with attractive lake level cabins with decor that's homey and timeless."

"Congratulations on the inclusion of your resort in the June issue of Midwest Living Magazine. I recently became aware of your positive news and just wanted to share how happy I am that you were chosen to represent our State in such a premier publication."

John Edman, State Director, Explore Minnesota Tourism

We have always been proud of our resort and this national attention from a major publication affirms the vacation experience we work to provide for our guests.

Your family can enjoy our new "celebrity status!" Explore how your family can save money on your reservation. Then, make your reservation today so that your family can experience the vacation outlined in the article.

Why did they pick our resort?
They chose us because they felt we had everything necessary for a great lake vacation -- attractive lake level cabins, a nice beach and plenty of room to spread out and enjoy the lake.

The scout for the Midwest Living photo shoot said, "What we're basically looking for is attractive cabins that are lake level with decor that's homey and fairly timeless. The magazine piece is meant to trigger nostalgia for old-fashioned trips to the lake and for resorts that have been around for generations. The editors want to shoot a quintessential Midwest beach resort."

Where are the pictures from the magazine article?
Understandably so, Midwest Living wouldn't allow us to reproduce the magazine photos on our website. We do, however, have copies of the article in each cabin, available for you to read.

What is it like to be a "celebrity resort?"
We had great fun with photographer John Noltner and assistant Bill Kelly. They spent three days at the resort in July and took a ton of photos. We had no idea of the process involved! They took 107 rolls of 36-exposure film. That's a lot of pictures (3852 to be exact)!

Our family was asked to be the models for the photo shoot, and we gladly obliged. Our three kids had a great time running around the resort posing for things that your children will do while they are here on vacation.

Tell me more about the article.
The 8-page article is in the May/June 2005 issue of Midwest Living magazine. The feature article is titled "A Week at the Lake."

The goal is to help readers recall their lake resort vacation with parents and siblings and evoke nostalgic memories of simpler times.

The article is a story in pictures, with side bar "how-tos" from a variety of experts. The "how-tos" include how to create a sandcastle, make a s'more, build a campfire, get into (and out of) a hammock, evade mosquitoes, catch a frog, avoid sunburn, get used to the water, tell a great ghost story and catch a fish off the dock.

In general, the pictures show a lot of lake, dock and sand. They give the overall feel that time spent at the lake is easy going and relaxed (which it is!). The biggest action photo is Jack doing a cannon ball off the swim raft.

With all of this new attention, will there be any openings this summer for our family?
Definitely! While we have guests that return year after year, we also have many new families that discover all of the charm that Two Inlets Resort has to offer.

Please call us at 1-218-699-3632 or contact us online.