Learn how to save up to 30% on your vacation!

It's easy to save from $350 - $800 on your cabin rental at Two Inlets Resort. How?? Just choose a vacation date that isn't when everyone else wants to come!

You see, within the Minnesota resort industry, there is a time frame from late June to mid-August called "prime time." And for whatever the reasons, that's when the majority of people have to spend their vacation time, so that's when cabin rental rates are at their highest.

By coming in May, early to mid-June, late August or September, you can save big bucks on your cabin rental that you can then spend on other fun vacation things!

What does 150 extra vacation dollars mean to you?

  • For Mom — 3 meals out at a restaurant - 3 nights of no cooking or cleanup
  • For Kids — 3 trips to the near by Go Kart track
  • For Dad — 54 holes of golf
  • For Grandpa — a professional fishing guide for a day
  • For Grandma — gifts and antiques beyond the budget

What will you miss out on by taking advantage of these lower rates?

ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! That's the best part! For up to $800 less per week, you still get the same great cabin, the same great lake with wonderful sights and sounds, the same beach and spacious grounds, and the same great service from us!

So what are you waiting for! This year request your vacation time to be between May 9 and June 21 or after August 16, and then call us to reserve your cabin.