Minnesota resorts are a great place to stay when you want to go fishing. Welcome to the Two Inlets Resort fishing page. For those in your party who have their sites set on fishing walleyes, crappies, bluegills, bass or northern pike, this is the perfect starting point. I will tell you a little bit about each species and give you an overview of the lake itself.

Overview - Two Inlets Lake is a great Minnesota fishing lake, especially in the spring/early summer and fall. Even if fishing is not your primary reason for coming to Two Inlets Resort, you should consider it as an activity for a couple hours or a day. We offer several opportunities for fishing if you don't own your own boat. We have 14' Princecraft boats with 8 horse Yamaha motors for rent by the week or by the day. If you want something bigger we have an 18' Crestliner with a 50 horse Yamaha, 4 pedestal seats, trolling motor, fish locator, live well and the works. Maybe you just want to introduce your kids to fishing in which case you may want to take advantage of our dock fishing, our fishing pier, or fishing out of one of our canoes, kayaks or paddle boat. If you are bringing your own boat, you'll be pleased to know that we have high quality, sturdy docks with excellent bumpers. And dock space is always FREE (one space per cabin). (Check out our boat rental information).

Although we love to see catch and release, we also know that part of the fun of catching is the eating. Our fish cleaning house is always ready for your use. If your day was more fishing than catching, you might consider keeping an eye on the fish cleaning house in the late morning or evening, as more than a few first class fishermen from the resort have shared information with other guests to improve their catching. If you can't find anyone around the fish house, come up to the lodge and talk to me (Bob) and I can give you some tips to get you started as well as a free lakemap from the lodge. We stock leeches, crawlers, crappie minnows, and sucker minnows. Is there is a special type of minnow you are looking for? Just let us know and we will get it for you. We also have premium gas and oil, minnow buckets, life jackets and landing nets available.

Two Inlets Lake is 578 acres in size with a maximum depth of 60 feet. The clarity of the lake is 6 feet which makes fish (especially walleyes) more likely to bite during the daylight hours. Two Inlets Lake has a lot of structure and weed growth for supporting gamefish and their forage. This includes points, islands, inlets, humps, flats and bays. The weed that I look for the most is cabbage. Cabbage is a tall broadleaf plant which provides a lot of shade and cover for both baitfish and predator fish. Two Inlets Lake has a concrete public access with a dock in the northwest corner, about a mile and a quarter from the resort. The main forage fish in the lake are ciscoes, perch and shiners. You can find more information on census, stocking data, and lakemaps by clicking here.

Walleyes - Two Inlets Lake has a good population of walleyes and is unique in that it benefits from both stocking and successful natural reproduction. Walleye fishing starts out slowly depending on the weather in May, and really gets going the last week in May first week in June. We usually start out with small jigs and minnows for opener and move to a light lindy type rig with a leech or crawler by June. Walleyes will start out in the shallows near the spawning areas and move out to the nearest structure or bait shortly thereafter, eventually setting up on midlake structure or in cabbage beds near the shoreline. As the water warms and midsummer approaches, walleyes move deeper off of the structure and come up only to feed. There is a population of fish that roams the basin just above the thermocline chasing ciscoes. If I have one tip to give walleye fishermen at Two Inlets Resort it is GO SLOW. You need a fish locator to find the fish and then once you find them you need to work them very slowly. When September arrives and the water begins to cool, walleyes become more active and we eventually switch back to jigs and minnows until freezeup. Walleyes can be caught throughout the summer by experienced fisherpeople, but the best most dependable bites occur the first two weeks in June, the last two weeks in September and first two weeks in October.

Northern Pike - Two Inlets Lake has a large population of smaller northern pike in the 2-3# range that are willing and able to bite at any time. This provides great action and great eating to those who are looking for an action filled afternoon of fishing. These fish are usually caught trolling or casting an artificial bait like a rapala or spinnerbait or some other artificial with some flash and vibration. There are also good numbers of trophy size northerns in the lake and each year a few are taken by guests who are looking for a monster. These fish usually succumb to a 6-10" sucker minnow either trolled slowly or fished under a bobber in 3-5' of water. Trophy northern are usually most active beginning in July.

Largemouth Bass - The largemouth bass population in the lake has steadily increased over the last 10 years and they are now a fish that are targeted by our guests. We are having many bass caught throughout the summer and several in the 5# range. Topwater baits can be effective early in the morning or in the evening, but most bass are caught on plastic worms, lizards and crawdads fished either with a Carolina rig or an up and coming technique called wacky worming. The lake has a nice mix of pads, rushes and cabbage which all support largemouth.

Crappies, Bluegills and Sunnies - One thing I have learned over the past 13 years is that people who fish panfish are very serious and passionate about it, and there is no better place for your passion than Two Inlets Lake. The population of panfish is very healthy in both size and numbers. I continually see numbers of crappies ranging from 9 to 13" and bluegills in the 9" category. In May and June these can be caught off of our docks, and in later summer off of deeper cabbage beds and midlake structure. These can be caught in a variety of ways including tube jigs tipped with crappie minnows, power bait, or beetle spins and roadrunners.

Plan a trip to Two Inlets Resort for your Minnesota resort vacation and give the fishing a try! If there is anything we can do to help you with your Minnesota fishing experience, please let us know. See you in the fish house!
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Huge Northern Pike caught at Two Inlets Resort.

Huge Walleye Bass caught at Two Inlets Resort.

Huge Largemouth Bass caught at Two Inlets Resort.

Crappies caught at Two Inlets Resort.